There are different types of trafficking; It’s low risk and high profit.

Sex slavery is one of the fastest growing criminal industries, victimising the vulnerable and destroying their innocence.

At Hope's Anchor we focus on sex trafficking because it is one of the most harmful forms of slavery. Individuals are stripped of their human rights and become subject to violence and hardship. 

Hope’s Anchor is a calling from God. Our purpose is to validate the lives of the broken and provide a safe space for healing to take place. We dream of a refuge for children to play and learn, a safe house in Durban where women can heal and experience the powerful love of God.  

Our safe house will one day be called "Hope's Harbour". Please partner with us as we strive with all our might to make this vision of restoration for those affected by sex slavery a reality.




After helping MANY SEX WORKERS through struggles and pitfalls for over 10 years,

We are determined to make a greater difference in their lives. Although we could never say we have ‘walked in their shoes’, we have a comprehensive understanding of what they need. We want to reach out to them on a daily basis, by giving them an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and a nutritious meal. These women and their children are destined for great things, and this is where it all begins. Hope restored. Hearts healed. 


“The hardest thing is to get in the car and drive away.”


Hope's Harbour


a safe space

Our dream is to open Hope's Harbour - a safe space in Durban for women to escape their harsh reality. No matter the time, their need nor their condition, our Hope's Harbour will be a space, free of charge, for women, both young and old. Here they can expect to get a homemade meal three times a day, hot showers, a warm bed and access to machines to wash their clothes.

For those women who wish to complete their high school education, and those wishing to do online studies, there will be access to computers and educational resources. 

Many of these women have children and our hope is to provide a daycare facility for preschool aged children. This will give the mothers an opportunity to go for job interviews or study.

Durban CBD is facing a crisis of infant abandonment. Our Hope's Harbour will have a secure baby safe where desperate mothers will be able to leave their babies anonymously, knowing that they will be taken to a place of safety.

The first step to eradicate sex slavery, is to offer a haven, a safe place that women can turn to.  We are calling on corporates and individuals to support this project and assist us in saving lives.


“We see such a hardening in the lives of these children. As their innocence is replaced with anger and a need for survival.”


The Safe House


a need for the immediate

There are many women, especially foreigners,  who are falsely promised jobs and prospects for a better future, only to end up stripped of their identification and forced into abusive environments. There is a desperate need for women who have been subject to brutal domestic violence and human trafficking, to be placed into a safe home, in an undisclosed location, far away from the ones who have done them harm.

Our dream is to provide an environment for women to start putting the pieces of their lives back together. Intensive counselling and life skills training will be provided to give them the foundation they need to recover and become employable. 

This safe house will be a place of refuge, a place of unconditional love, and a place that redefines what it means to be at home. A place for a brand new start.




these women are confident but timid, beautiful but exhausted. With your help, a little has gone a long way. Thank you to our donors for helping us restore hope and dignity in these women.